Động cơ liền hộp giảm tốc loại trục song song

Sizes: 15
Mounting position: M1 - M6
Torque range: 110 - 100 000 Nm
Performance: 0,12 - 200 kW
Ratio: 4,03:1 - 6 616,79:1
Type: SK0182NB, SK0282NB, SK1282, SK1382NB, SK1282/02, SK2282, SK2382, SK2282/02, SK3282, SK3382, SK3282/12, SK4282, SK4382, SK4282/12, SK5282, SK5382, SK5282/12, SK6282, SK6382, SK6382/22, SK6382/32, SK7282, SK7382, SK7382/22, SK7382/32, SK8282, SK8382, SK8382/32, SK8382/42, SK9282, SK9382, SK9382/42, SK9382/52, SK10282, SK10382, SK10382/52, SK11282, SK11382, SK11382/52, SK12382


  • robust cast iron housing
  • gearing meets up to date international high standards
  • wide selection of motors and brake-motors including inverter-duty motors
  • units available for harsh environments
  • integrally cast foot or flange designs
  • sleek design for easy cleaning
  • all bearings selected to provide long and trouble-free operation
  • high quality sealing for enhanced leakage-protection
  • output side is integral part of the housing, no bolt-on output cover to cause leakage or gear-misalignment