Động cơ liền hộp giảm tốc trục thẳng (Nordbloc)

Sizes: 13
Mounting position: M1 - M6
Torque range: 30 - 3 300 Nm
Performance: 0,12 - 37 kW
Ratio: 1.07 : 1 – 456.77:1

One goal of the new NORDBLOC.1 units was to provide a smooth surface to prevent the deposit of liquids or solids on the units. This is an advantage in applications where cleanliness is important. These innovative and patented gear units do not feature joints or openings. This increases strength and also provides a smoother surface.


  • Quiet operation
  • High output torque
  • Increased reliability, low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Above-average radial forces possible


  • Smooth surfaces
  • No joints or openings
  • No sealing caps
  • Large dimension output bearings

NSD Tuph

Sealed Surface Conversion System

  • Surface treatment
  • No detachment possible
  • Corrosion-resistant - just like stainless steel
  • No flaking
  • No corrosion penetration

IEC, NEMA C, B14 and B5 adapters

  • Compact space saving design
  • Simple installation
  • Motor coupling
  • Low bearing loading (long bearing life)
  • Low weight

Various drive components

  • Integral motor (geared motor)
  • NEMA C flange motor adapter
  • IEC, B5- and B14 motor adapter
  • Free drive shaft
  • Smooth surface motors
  • (optionally with NSD Tuph)