Động cơ liền hộp giảm tốc trục thẳng (Standard)

Sizes: 6
Torque range: 50 - 700 Nm
Performance: 0,12 - 7,5 kW
Ratio: 1,92:1 - 488,07:1
SK01-; SK10-; SK20-; SK25-; SK30-; SK33-; SKF01-; SKF10-; SKF20-; SKF25-; SKF30-; SKF33-;

STANDARD is another word for quality.

  • Standard casings are purpose-designed to meet the requirements and performance level demanded today of gear boxes and geared motors.
  • Series production ensures the most favourable cost-efficiency ratio.
  • Professional expertise, efficiency and high productivity are the basis for extremly short delivery times trough our worldwide service network.
  • The conventional line of NORD GEAR reducers has a one-piece output side housing, integral with the main housing. This permits high overhung loads since the low speed bearings are housed in a rigid chamber with no possible movement between the main housing and the bearing chamber. The gears are forged. The teeth are finished after hardening. Gearing is designed for infinite life based on DIN Standard 3990 and Niemann calculations. Fits between bores, shafts and keys are closely controlled for optimum performances.